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Our Mission
Bushido Impact Community Interest Company is an IMPACT fund.
This is a modern way to facilitate the ability to make a positive
contribution to society by using the company for common good

Our mission is to help facilitate ways the public can join a community
of like minded people being Impact investors that believe empowering
new ways to make a difference is important and worthwhile.

The community interest company is creating and enabling a new way
of wealth distribution for common good and being rewarded also which is a good thing to do.
Our Core Values
  • Support by adding value.
  • Increase the probability of success where customers gain.
  • Inspire creators to enable more creativity and flourish.
Funding Your Business Growth – Start Up Or Established Business
Securing funding is a distraction to what business is for the founder – delivering value to customers for a profit.
Bushido Quantum believes that the company Bushido Social Impact CIC will be the best alternative to securing funding and more advantage rates to include business support initiatives which may reflect in zero interest charges.
Why does Bushido Quantum exist
  • Our purpose is to inspire business owners and staff so the Bushido principles can generate more value to wellbeing and not at the expense of profit.
  • Bushido Quantum is simply ‘crowd funding’ for small Impact Investors who want to make a difference as well as a return. This includes charitable acts, and employing more people where additional benefit is shared with customers, staff, and the community under the Bushido principle.
  • Funds are lent unsecured to qualifying businesses without monthly repayments, only annually. To apply open an account so that your business can qualify for the right to lodge a loan application.
  • The cost of the Bushido Quantum funding is based on what is reasonably agreed, but relative to the overall added benefits the business can generate for staff and society.
  • Substantial additional services are accessible with our partners to help mitigate risk and access a bigger marketplace efficiently.
Opening Your Bushido Quantum Membership Account
  • Company Name and address, contact number and website, and the person authorised to borrow capital.
  • Company number.
  • The company will need to pay a £500 subscription for lifetime membership.
  • Bushido Social Impact CIC is a not for profit in partnership with Bushido Strategy who match the loan note investments to increase the fund size creating more capital to lend to companies that engage on our mandatory business development support conditions.
Become A Lifetime Member
Key Features
  • Loans can be repaid at the end of the loan term or negotiate conversion to shares.
  • Bushido Quantum will consider helping your exit strategy by acquisition.
  • Bushido Quantum would consider buying shares via Bushido Social Impact CIC.
  • Bushido Strategy will increase the amount of funds available to lend so its not just member funds being loaned.
  • The applicant doesn’t need to get friends to support, raise more funds or create a campaign like you would with Seedrs or Crowdcube.
  • Any lending to companies is integral with business support to help grow the company.
Bushido Quantum
  • Is Bushido Quantum like a cooperative ?
  • Are members the only ones that lend to the fund to relend to successful applicants ?
    NO. Bushido Strategy Ltd is a partner company that adds double the capital raised.
  • Does the applicant company need to show a profit before being eligible ?
  • Are applicants guaranteed a loan ?
    No. However we can support many initiatives to help make the application successful.
  • Is Bushido Quantum a CIC ?
    No. Its the enablement entity to onboard the investor to Bushido Social Impact CIC.
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